Amethyst Agates and Candles Onyx Sodalite Agates and 2 Candles Sardonyx

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Welcome to Petra Soy Candles®

All of our scents have been paired with genuine gemstones which complement the character of each aroma. By burning the gemstones within the candles, our unique patent pending GeoAroma™ infusions will release the candles' uplifting properties into your environment. Included with each candle is an all-natural, hand polished agate mined in Brazil, which serves as a snuffer and a decorative coaster.

Petra Soy Candles® are made in the USA of 100% soy wax and highly fragrant, natural essential oils. Our candles are non-toxic/non carcinogenic and will burn clean for up to 80 hours. Each of our unique candles have been hand-poured into 14oz. glass tumblers, which can be washed and reused as beverage glasses.

We hope you enjoy the Petra Soy Candles® experience.
Our GeoAroma™ infusions will ROCK YOUR SENSES™

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